Our training programs build on the facilitators’ current skills and strengths and explore practical tools and techniques to address opportunities for improvement. They are designed to energize facilitators and help audiences or trainees discover more dynamic, interactive, and practical sessions.

Mr. Turyatunga Sam
Nationality: Ugandan
Lead Trainer
Food Technologist
TEL: +256783344888/+256700142891
Email: turysam@gmail.com

Mr. Turyatunga Sam is a practicing food scientist who holds Msc. Food safety and Quality Management from Makerere University and Bsc. degree in Food Processing Technology from Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda. He is the Team leader and lead Trainer at Uhuru Food Technology and skilling centre(UFOTEC) Limited, a skilling Centre in value addition and food product development. Sam is Knowledgeable and equipped with
technical skills in Food science, Food safety, Business development& related fields. Worked with various Food & Beverage companies supporting them to Comply with all health and safety regulations, monitor food safety protocols, observe and interview production team members to verify adherence to the food safety system procedures, confirm the effectiveness of cleaning procedures, maintenance of HACCP records and
documentation. Helps them thorough investigate root cause and take the required corrective action, review and implement changes to existing HACCP plan and food safety system, audit external suppliers and distributors to ensure compliance to safety protocols.


Mr. Barigye Moses
Food Nutritionist and Scientist
Tel: +256753107780/+256785945961

Moses holds a Master’s of science in Food science and Technology, and a Bachelor of science in Human Nutrition, both from Makerere University. He has been involved in research and product development in the food and beverage industry for five years. He has completed a project on Nutritional composition of three jack fruit varieties grown in Uganda funded by EAPI project. He has also profiled Properties of ingredients from modified banana flour a project funded by EAPI, Makerere university. He has also been involved in microbiological lab analysis, Proximate composition analysis of foods Phytochemical analysis of food products for food samples at School of Food Technology, Makerere University. He has also trained undergraduate and graduate students in fruit and vegetable processing, value addition, at the Food Technology and Business Incubation Center(FTBIC), at the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio-Engineering at Makerere University, up to date.

Ms Brenda Nahirya                            Chemist and Food Lab Technician Food technology department,
            Kyambogo University                  Brendanahirya@gmail.com             Tell: 0781790908/0705327223   

Nahirya Brenda Irene is a Laboratory technician by profession. (DSC. Chemistry technology, certificate in science laboratory technology, certificate in food safety) all from kyambogo university. She is an experienced laboratory technician in the food processing department, faculty of science, Kyambogo university where she trains students in the practical sessions for all food related products, ranging from meat and meat products, milk and milk products, cereals and and cereal products, Fish and Fish products, Fruit and Vegetable products, and many others. She is the founder of victor’s crown confectionaries under the KYU.BIC (Kyambogo Business Incubation Centre) and victors crown designs in kireka, kampala. She has been working with research students as research assistant in the department of food processing particularly under microbiology. Successful performing of analytical, microbial tests and general laboratory practices since October 2014 to date. She has a vast experience in analytical laboratory activities. She has participated in the HORIZON 2020, SYBAWHEY project at Aristotle University of Thesaloniki, Greece as a research assistant. BIC developing She has participated in the annual symposium organized by the food processing technology department of Kyambogo university.

 Mr. Mugume Duncan

Food scientist
Tel: +256784381506

Holds a Master’s degree in Food Safety and Quality Management, Makerere University, Holds a Bsc.Food Processing Technology, Kyambogo University. Duncan’s interactions across Uganda have made him appreciate that food problem builds less around its availability and more on its safety, quality and distribution yesterday, today and tomorrow. This realisation has shaped his passion for food security and guided his professional career for over 6 years now; working and learning how to best tackle these challenges, and learning to work out the challenges. He focuses on quality management in food production and value addition systems. It is his goal to help organizations develop and maintain efficient and sustainable Food Quality Management Systems, among others. He has done so with profound distinction at Tursam Investments Limited manufacturers of Uhuru Fruit Juice Drinks (http://bit.ly/TursamUNBS) (20152018).  He has also worked as a Quality Manager at Ntungamo Real Foods Ltd(2017-2018) processors of cereal beverages and Obuntu Bwa Casalina Co. (SMC) Ltd(2018-2019), processors of dried fruit and
vegetable products. He currently works as a Microbiologist at Uganda National Bureau of standards (UNBS).



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